In the groove

I’m pretty sure my brain is sharper than it was two months ago. My reading comprehension has improved (though I find that I really do better if I can read aloud to myself. How strange am I?) and both music theory and computer science are welcome subjects as I come across more complex ideas.

I finally set up an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor to help me plan my Associates degree. Next term I will be taking Algebra II and Music Theory II, but I hope to take a PoliSci class after that. I’m thinking about pursuing Communications/Political Science with a fun minor or two thrown in there. Criminal Law? Definitely Music. I’ll have to search around and find out how useful minors turn out to be.

At some point I think I’ll take a CS Programming class of some sort. The Intro class I’m in is tedious at times, but I’m certainly getting to know my Office Suite a lot better.

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Every minute counts

My brain has worked it’s way back to doing more critical thinking. I have had to read a lot more detailed text than I’ve been used to lately, and it’s getting easier every day.

I’m trying to stay ahead on my CS chapter assignments and ask questions of my professor whenever I have one (well, one that my CS husband can’t answer). It sure makes the class a lot more interesting to have interaction.

As for finding minutes where I can, some of my work I can do when my 3yo is running around. Sometimes he will let me practice guitar. I can go through flashcards for Music Theory. I can do a little bit of reading/note taking for CS. Mostly, though, I have to have a quiet time when I can read out loud to myself — even just a mutter. So that means I study: in the rare morning, after classes in my car before I pick up the 3yo, and in the evening after the kids are in bed. Evening is not the ideal time, because I’m ready to fall asleep around 9:30 most nights. It’s working out so far.

I’m already planning on classes for next term: Music Theory II, and whatever math class I tested into. I sure hope they fit in my limited schedule. 🙂

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First “Key Assignment” in!

With the aide of my handy live-in tutor, I crammed four chapters of Intro to CS, four quizzes, and one HTML assignment into this week. With an hour and a half to spare! (This is the fabulous photo I included on my html page.)

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Heavy Reading

I was terrible about getting right on the reading for my CS class. I’m being punished for it this week, and I have three more days to power through about 100 pages, take 3 more quizzes, and upload a small project. I’ve found that my time for reading is early mornings (sadly, really early. I haven’t been able to sleep past 5:30, but I end up nodding through my textbook reading at that hour), during the 3yo’s nap, and late in the evening.

I haven’t folded laundry in two weeks, but it isn’t *too* far backed up on washing. Probably another three loads to be washed? About 6 to be folded…

Grocery shopping and meal planning is rather higgledy-piggledy right now too. Ugh. I suppose I’ll get there. (Or we’ll survive anyhow.)

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CS 101 – Intro to Computer Science

There is a lot of reading to do. Half is familiar, half not so much. Uh, so far. I’ve only read the Preface and first couple pages of chapter 1. Bonus, this class (and textbook) is designed for the freshman, non-techie, non-CS major. With my CS hubby at my side, I just need to get everything read (truly, the hard part for me) and I should be okay. I will be creating a lot of flashcards for my study aides.

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Student, interrupted.


My first day of school (yesterday) was great. Two enthusiastic professors for my in-class courses, and I read through and completed my first assignment for my online class.

Today, I went to put Scott’s socks and shoes (back) on, after his sisters walked off to their classes, and I found big welts all over his hands and feet. I couldn’t drop him off in preschool looking like that, so I got back in and drove us off to my college while I spoke with the Nurse Line. The nurse told me to touch base with my pediatrician, but since there are no other symptoms yet that it wasn’t urgent.

We arrived at my class, we walked in just as it was beginning and I asked my professor if there was anything I could do at home. Nope.

We went home and *ta-da!* his welts/hives are gone.

We watched a little Goofy Movie, and then we went for a puddle walk and to see if the fire station had it’s garage doors open. The fire station was closed up, but there was a crew working on the road there so we spent about 20 minutes watching them dump asphalt and smashing it down. We headed toward home and spent another 10 minutes running and jumping through the puddles in the parking lot at the Community Center.

Homework during naptime. More reading for Intro to CS.

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