Student, interrupted.


My first day of school (yesterday) was great. Two enthusiastic professors for my in-class courses, and I read through and completed my first assignment for my online class.

Today, I went to put Scott’s socks and shoes (back) on, after his sisters walked off to their classes, and I found big welts all over his hands and feet. I couldn’t drop him off in preschool looking like that, so I got back in and drove us off to my college while I spoke with the Nurse Line. The nurse told me to touch base with my pediatrician, but since there are no other symptoms yet that it wasn’t urgent.

We arrived at my class, we walked in just as it was beginning and I asked my professor if there was anything I could do at home. Nope.

We went home and *ta-da!* his welts/hives are gone.

We watched a little Goofy Movie, and then we went for a puddle walk and to see if the fire station had it’s garage doors open. The fire station was closed up, but there was a crew working on the road there so we spent about 20 minutes watching them dump asphalt and smashing it down. We headed toward home and spent another 10 minutes running and jumping through the puddles in the parking lot at the Community Center.

Homework during naptime. More reading for Intro to CS.

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