Every minute counts

My brain has worked it’s way back to doing more critical thinking. I have had to read a lot more detailed text than I’ve been used to lately, and it’s getting easier every day.

I’m trying to stay ahead on my CS chapter assignments and ask questions of my professor whenever I have one (well, one that my CS husband can’t answer). It sure makes the class a lot more interesting to have interaction.

As for finding minutes where I can, some of my work I can do when my 3yo is running around. Sometimes he will let me practice guitar. I can go through flashcards for Music Theory. I can do a little bit of reading/note taking for CS. Mostly, though, I have to have a quiet time when I can read out loud to myself — even just a mutter. So that means I study: in the rare morning, after classes in my car before I pick up the 3yo, and in the evening after the kids are in bed. Evening is not the ideal time, because I’m ready to fall asleep around 9:30 most nights. It’s working out so far.

I’m already planning on classes for next term: Music Theory II, and whatever math class I tested into. I sure hope they fit in my limited schedule. 🙂

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