In the groove

I’m pretty sure my brain is sharper than it was two months ago. My reading comprehension has improved (though I find that I really do better if I can read aloud to myself. How strange am I?) and both music theory and computer science are welcome subjects as I come across more complex ideas.

I finally set up an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor to help me plan my Associates degree. Next term I will be taking Algebra II and Music Theory II, but I hope to take a PoliSci class after that. I’m thinking about pursuing Communications/Political Science with a fun minor or two thrown in there. Criminal Law? Definitely Music. I’ll have to search around and find out how useful minors turn out to be.

At some point I think I’ll take a CS Programming class of some sort. The Intro class I’m in is tedious at times, but I’m certainly getting to know my Office Suite a lot better.

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